Greetings from Camp! Meet the people who make District 5130 RYLA Camp a once-in-a-lifetime leadership learning experience.

Cassie Pitkin, RYLA Camp Director

Camper year: 2006

Years involved with RYLA: 13

Schools attended: Petaluma High School, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

3 words to describe leadership: Brave. Ethical. Motivating.

Cassie attended RYLA in 2006 as she was about to start her senior at Petaluma High School. She attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she earned her Bachelor’s in kinesiology (but is now afraid of blood) and her Master’s in Counseling and Guidance for Higher Education. A trained rape crisis counselor, Cassie has served in AmeriCorps and has been a proud year-round coach of Special Olympics for the past five years. She currently works as a head academic advisor for the College of Engineering at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. Cassie enjoys every part of RYLA, but really looks forward to watching campers learn more about themselves than they ever thought possible as they create bonds that will last a lifetime.

Bethany Munson, Counselor

Camper year: 2011

Years Involved With RYLA: five

Schools Attended: El Molino High School, Western Washington University, University of Arizona

3 words to describe leadership: empathy, justice, listening

Bethany attended RYLA in 2011 before her senior year at El Molino High School. She attended Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, where she majored in Law, Diversity and Justice: Mental Health and Youth Advocacy. She is now in her second year of law school at the University of Arizona and wants to go into public interest law. Bethany loves keeping in touch with campers after RYLA and watching all the inspiring things they do in college and beyond!

Nelson Le, Counselor

Camper Year: 2008

Years with RYLA: 10 years

Schools Attended: Piner High School, Santa Rosa JC

3 Words to Describe Leadership: Accountability, Respect, Courage

Summer 2008 Nelson attended his first summer camp RYLA. After graduating high school he took a short break from school before heading to the Santa Rosa Junior College and getting his AA in Art. Nelson is in training to become an optician and traveling the world. What Nelson loves about RYLA is seeing the campers grow and create bonds within a week that will be everlasting.

Erinn Yepiz, Counselor

Camper Year: 2016

Years Involved with RYLA: 3

Schools attended: Potter Valley High School, Mendocino College, UC Davis.

Three words to describe leadership: Courageous, kind, optimistic.

Erinn attended RYLA in 2016 before her junior year at Potter Valley High School. She graduated from both Mendocino College and High School at the same time and transferred to UC Davis as a Junior, where she majored in Communication. After a year at UC Davis she will be transferring to Sacramento State and majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Camp RYLA is Erinn’s favorite week in the year. She is always inspired by all the campers and counselors.

Paco Villegas, Counselor

Camper year: 2013

Years involved with RYLA: 4

Schools attended: Casa Grande High School, Santa Rosa Junior College, California State University Monterey Bay

3 words to describe leadership: Humble, Empathetic, Empowering

Paco grew up in Sonoma County and attended Camp RYLA in 2013. After high school, he enrolled in the local community college, and then eventually transferred to California State University Monterey Bay. He is in his last semester working towards a Bachelor’s in marine science and is currently working as an undergraduate researcher for the Watershed Environment and Ecology Lab. Camp RYLA was a pivotal moment in Paco’s life and all the life lessons and memories acquired from that experience are kept close to him. What he loves most about RYLA is being able to inspire and motivate young adults to better themselves and their community.

Ricky Sims, Head Counselor

Camper Year: 2009

Years involved with RYLA: 10

Schools attended: Petaluma High School, Humboldt State University

3 Words to describe Leadership: Consistency, Humbleness, Motivated

Ricky Sims attended RYLA in 2009 as a camper before he started his senior year at Petaluma High School. He attended Humboldt State University where he played football for 4 years and studied Kinesiology. Ricky is currently living in Reno where he is the Senior Operations Manager for Fedex ground. Ricky to put it lightly is very passionate about RYLA, he truly loves watching young men and women go through the changes that he once did at this camp that have impacted his life to this day.

Alisha Lipscomb, Head Counselor

Camper Year: 2007

Years Involved in RYLA: 13

Schools Attended: Fortuna High School, College of the Redwoods

3 Words to Describe Leadership: Communication. Confidence. Passion.

Alisha was chosen to attend RYLA in 2007 by Fortuna Sunrise Rotary. She was asked to return as a counselor the next year and has never missed a year since. Alisha graduated from Fortuna High School in 2008 and received her AA in Business at College of the Redwoods before moving to the Redding, California area where she currently resides. Alisha now works as a Manager and Group Fitness Instructor at Shasta Gymnastics Academy & Sports Center in Redding. RYLA has been a highlight of Alisha’s life every year. Every part of RYLA is memorable, but she says the most rewarding part of RYLA is seeing the transformation of each student into a more aware, empathetic, and confident human being.

Sierra Koenig, Counselor

Camper Year: 2012

Years Involved with RYLA: 8 years

Schools attended: El Molino High School, University of Colorado Boulder

Three words to describe leadership: Empathize, Adapt, Guide

Sierra attended RYLA the summer before senior year at El Molino High School. She then completed 1 year at Sonoma State University and decided to transfer to the University of Colorado Boulder, where she majored in Communication with a minor in Business. After graduation she moved to a small mountain town outside of Boulder and worked as Marking Coordinator for a local brewery. Sierra now lives in Denver and works as a Travel Advisor for a luxury travel and hospitality company. She is most excited about watching the campers grow as individuals and as a group, the bonds and strength acquired at camp are a force to be reckoned with.

Christina Moore, Counselor

Camper Year: 2002

Number of Years Involved in RYLA: 12

Schools: Casa Grande HS, Willamette University, Santa Rosa Junior College, Portland State University

3 Words To Describe Leadership: Holistic, Willingness, Empathy

Christina recently moved back to her hometown of Petaluma after living in Charleston, SC, where she worked for AmeriCorps and a non-profit aiding veterans with PTSD. While planning her next adventure to become a high school government teacher, Christina is managing a pet food store, happily playing with puppies and kitties all day. It is recommended by most that you don’t ask Christina how much she loves RYLA because once she starts talking about all of the friends she’s made over the years, all the young people she’s watched blossom into extraordinary human beings, all of the awkward handshakes at the beginning of the week that all end up as hugs at the end, all the tears she’s mopped up, all the laughter she’s heard, all the beautiful connections created, all of the leadership that happens...well, you get the idea, it’s hard to make her stop...she loves it.

Rose Duncan, Counselor-on-Deck

Camper Year: 2017

Years Involved with RYLA: 2

Schools Attended: Middletown High School, Montana State University

3 words to describe leadership: Direct. Encouraging. Focused.

Rose was an attendee of RYLA in 2017 in the summer prior to her senior year at Middletown High School. After graduation, she found her way up to the mountains of Bozeman, Montana. She is currently pursuing a nursing degree at Montana State University and will be graduating in the fall of 2022. At RYLA, she found a group of young leaders just like herself to connect with and was able to build her self-identity. Her first year as a counselor, Rose is looking forward to encouraging campers to develop themselves as leaders and community members.