Rotary Clubs/RYLA Advisors

IN-PERSON RYLA camp, SUMMER 2024, June 9-14!

Step #1:  Make your Camp RYLA reservation

Inform Cassie Pitkin, RYLA District Chair, how many campers you plan to send by emailing

We encourage Clubs to send 2 or more participants to enrich the experience of your campers AND for better Camp RYLA recruitment outcomes into the future.  We've all experienced the difficulty of recruiting current RYLA campers without "last year’s" student cheer-leaders returning to school their senior year. That peer-to-peer testimony is essential to the continued flow of leaders heading to CAMP RYLA!

The cost for each camper is $700 (Note, reserved camper spots are not finalized until payment is received)

Step #2:  Recruit! 

Connect with your local high school’s Interact program, ASB/Leadership, sports teams and bands, clubs, guidance counselors, etc. to identify potential campers. It is at the discretion of each club how you’d like to select campers. Some clubs have an application/interview process. Some take the recommendation of a teacher or staff member at the high school. If you see an affinity for leadership in the camper, so do we! Our target students are JUNIORS, those who will be going into their senior year after their Summer experience at Camp RYLA, but all years are welcome if you experience difficulty recruiting juniors.

Once you have selected your campers, please send their names via email to and direct the campers to our RYLA 5130 website where there are clear instructions for them to register for camp.

Step #3: Pay Camper Fees

After you’ve identified your campers and they have registered, Cassie will inform the D5130 Treasurer who will send an invoice to your club with payment information.

Important Note for Rotary Clubs & RYLA Advisors:

As a means to get to know your RYLA campers, shepherd them through the registration process, and ensure the timely submission of their registration materials, please familiarize yourselves with the Campers tab requirements.

Cassie Pitkin

RYLA Director