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Discover a world outside the classroom through an intensive leadership experience that builds communication skills, teaches creative problem-solving, and challenges you to improve yourself AND the world around you.

Friday, June 17th Pick-Up Info:

The locations below are be the pick-up locations for Friday, June 17. Campers will be picked up by bus from Westminster Woods at 11 a.m. on Friday and will drop off in reverse order. Campers will be asked to phone their "rides" after departure and update them along the route to confirm exact pick-up times at each stop.

Bus route - Pick-up for website.pdf

Sunday, June 12 Bus Drop-Off Info:

Bus route - for website (2).pdf
  1. REGISTER here using our online Google form.

  2. Submit completed CAMP RYLA Required Forms to evileveyeomans@gmail.com

  3. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!


and submit the following completed forms to evileveyeomans@gmail.com

(students without printers at home should be able to print forms at school and scan/photograph the forms with their smartphone)

CAMP RYLA Required Forms:

A note about your physical/Doctor's Certification of Health:

Physicians are really busy these days. Make your appointment ASAP (NOW!) Appointments get cancelled, postponed, etc. Do not wait until the last minute.



  • Per CDPH guidelines and the Rotary International position statement on COVID-19 vaccination, we prefer that all participants are vaccinated to the fullest extent deemed appropriate for their age group. Campers are required to show proof of vaccination via their CDC vaccination card, or if unvaccinated, proof of a negative test administered NO EARLIER than June 6th.

  • All counselors at RYLA are vaccinated for COVID-19

  • Should any student exhibit COVID-19 symptoms while at Camp, Parent/Guardians will be expected to retrieve their student from Camp.

  • In keeping with all things RYLA / ROTARY, ALL students who wish to wear a mask for whatever reason will be supported & respected.



COMING SOON . . . for RYLA 2022 awardees/campers

  • Camp Rules

  • Transportation Information

RYLA 2022 Packing List.pdf

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